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I have worked as a counsellor since 1973 and as a psychotherapist, supervisor and trainer since 1990. I co-founded Spiral in 1995 and was a co-director until September 2021. I have worked in a number of different organisations as counsellor, psychotherapist, supervisor, trainer or consultant. These include: NHS, Pregnancy Advisory Service, Lesbian Line, London Rape Crisis, Complementary Health Trust, Women and Health, Stress Project, NSPCC, One in Four, MIND, Advance and Angel Drug Project.

Come Sit With Me

Having worked with such a diversity of people over a long period of time I work integratively, incorporating client-centred, interpretative and focussed approaches depending on what is most appropriate. A lot of the people I see are dealing with the effects of childhood trauma. The traumas might have been emotional, physical, sexual or spiritual and any of these aspects of self may be affected. I am constantly inspired by the shared experience of healing and the integration of insight and hope. I have come to believe that healing and integration come out of facing our fears and being with the truth of ourselves.


My initial training was inhouse with the NHS and various charities. I finally decided to do a substantive training in the early 80's and ended up training for 10 years, mainly in psychosynthesis, obtaining a diploma from the Communication and Counselling Foundation in 1993. All the studying and experiencing I have since pursued have been within the framework of the interconnectedness of mind, body, heart and spirit. I am a Senior Accredited member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and a UKCP HIPC Registered Supervisor.


  • My clients
  • My therapists
  • My teachers, an especial shout out for Kate Vickers, Hilary Thompson, David Findlay, Anne Geraghty and Nuala Flynn
  • Thich Nhat Hahn
  • Ram Dass
  • Irving Yalom
  • The Chartres Labyrinth
  • Dogs

Who Knows

A farmer lost her horse

Her neighbours exclaimed “what bad luck”

She said “who knows”.

The horse came back with some wild horses.

The neighbours exclaimed “what good luck!”

The farmer replied “who knows.”

Whilst training the horses the farmer’s son broke his leg.

The neighbours exclaimed “what bad luck!”

The farmer replied “who knows.”

The soldiers came and took all the able bodied young men, but not the son

with the broken leg.

The neighbours exclaimed “what good luck!”

The farmer replied “who knows.”

Fees & availability

I am currently mainly working on Zoom.

My fees are £95 per 50 minutes. I ask for payment on the day by bank transfer and 48 hours notice of any cancellation.


You are welcome to email me on aleineridge@gmail.com or phone 07901 944442.

I respond more quickly to texts.

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